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Designer Ford Lubricants to meet increasing consumer demands

If the term “designer” appears misappropriate in the context of motor oil, and then various aspects must be considered. The auto-market of today is competitive to the extreme, with manufacturers going to extraordinary lengths to impress and satisfy the ever-increasing performance demands of their users. The Ford Motor Corporation is highly aware of the need for ever improved vehicle performances, influenced by the life given to them by Ford motor oil.

Drivers, however, are not only seeking the best performance vehicles related to speed and comfort. In these days of ever-increasing economic restrictions, they are also looking for economic motoring, which provides sustainable forms of transport and helps the budget. Whilst the Ford engine oil price may contribute to the decision-making process for a motorist, they are primarily concerned with the maintenance and running costs associated with their vehicles.

Ford, demand only the best available lubricants for their vehicles and accordingly have laid down specifications that meet determined performance requirements or Europe and worldwide. The Ford oil finder will provide you with information related to the M2C913-B specification, a European rating for engine oils used in the lubrication of gasoline and diesel fuelled engines.

The Ford oil that meets motoring requirements

The oil in Ford vehicles is required to meet all determined specifications according to ILSAC GF-2 and GF-3; ACEA A1-98 and B1-98, as well as those laid out by the manufacturing corporation. They remain committed to the motoring public, not only in the present day but with performance and the Ford oil price looking into the future. To meet these consumer demands ongoing research is needed into new engine oil. Ford ensure that all such new developments offer benefits to their customers, including improved fuel economy, and added significant performance-related benefits to biodiesel fuels.

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