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Le Mans history made with Nissan lubricants

Le Mans, 2014, when the Nissan ZEOD RC achieved a complete lap of the legendary 13.6-kilometer circuit in an all-electric capacity, at speeds matching cars in the GT category. Of particular notice, apart from the fact of the vehicle not using a drop of petrol is that the specified lubricants supplied by Total were customised by Nissan scientific technical expertise. It’s an example of the inherent value contained in your engine oil, Nissan research, and performance capabilities.

For any Nissan owner, it’s recommended that you use genuine oil and lubricants with the manufacturer’s brand name. They provide you with the prolonged driving of your vehicle, without the engine performance being compromised, either in performance or economically. Nissan motor oil is an important factor to consider in any maintenance or regular servicing situation.

The best from petrol and diesel engines with Nissan oil

Continuous innovative development has seen a successful Nissan and Total combination exist for over 10-years. It is one that has advantaged motorists worldwide have successfully established a mutually beneficial partnership through continuous innovation. Utilising the knowledge and proven expertise of Total, the Nissan engine oil price provides for technologically advanced lubricants. They are specifically designed to ensure the best possible power and performance in all segments of the Nissan vehicle range.

The Nissan oil price is market-related, with the product approved and recommended by Nissan for all petrol and diesel engines. They offer users the best in quality with a maximised viscosity help in reducing as well as giving protection against wear, particularly in the case of engine start-up at low temperatures. The performance and protection factors remain in effect throughout the lifespan of the engine. Visit the Nissan oil finder, to determine the particular lubrication needs of your vehicle.

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