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Meeting the future with Total Lubricants

The increasing demands for energy fuels are future challenges confronting producers of oil and gas. Meeting the needs of ever-growing populations worldwide include economic, social and environmental considerations. Reportedly during the next 15-years, the population of our planet is expected to increase and pass eight-billion. This in turn will crate greater demands on our resources, such as Total motor oil and the need for highly innovatively efficient, sustainable exploration and production techniques.

Reportedly, our energy fuel producers must be prepared to meet a demand that will be over 30-percent higher in 2035 than that of 2010. It is also anticipated that during this period, 75-percent of the global energy needs will be met by fossil fuels, with oil and gas resources accounting for fifty-percent of these energy driving resources. At the same time, the consumer must be given consideration regarding transport affordability directly affected by the Total oil price and the versatility of a producer in the marketplace.

Researching the future with Total Oil

There are various opinions expressed by a variety of people regarding the energy issues to be encountered during the next 50-years, Discussions have included hydrocarbons of fossil origin, which it has been generally agreed will remain the efficient sources of energy. Significantly, as far as, for example the Total engine oil price is concerned, they will also be the least costly.

In the long term what could be termed a Total oil finder is being pursued with significant research into alternative fuels. They include those derived from natural gas, biomass or compressed natural gas. Their research also extends to the propulsion systems of the future, including the ongoing development of the internal combustion engine with fuel and hydrogen cells. It is an indication of highly innovative engine oil, Total combination!

These Total initiatives programs will be further motivated during the forthcoming years. It is a situation supported by the fact of the relatively large European gasoline surplus, which is countered by a considerable diesel fuel deficit. Therefore, logic would seem to demand that the development of biodiesels over ethanol is encouraged and Total is showing the way!

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