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How ZF oil helps combat modern-day challenges for motorists

The challenges confronting modern day motorists and their vehicles are varied and many as demands for improved performances and economy driving increase, particularly with regard to transmission and engine oil. ZF has determined that there are certain influences in oil that have become indispensable in gaining maximum performances from some transmission components. In this respect, "oil” is accepted as being within this category.

As far as transmission operation is concerned, a degree of high performance and shift flexibility is only obtainable by oil that has been perfectly converted to meet the compatibility pattern of a specific type of engine and transmission. At the same time producers must have a perception related to costs and in this connection, the ZF engine oil price has been constantly maintained as determined by the market.

Find motoring compatibility with ZF lubricants

Within the sphere of modern transmissions, oil is seen as a "constructional component" with the need to be compatible with different materials and transmission functions as near to perfect as can be achieved. Viewing the ZF oil finder it will be seen that transmission oils have been specifically formulated for different transmissions. It has also been recognised that commercial products are generally required to meet the specifications of the various units they serve.

ZF motor oil contains a specified combination of high-quality base stocks and determined additive packages. They are designed to ensure exceptional lubrication and friction advantages, even when performing in extreme operating conditions. It is also a user-motivated initiative with the specific benefit of providing an extended service life for ZF oil maintained machinery and components. Furthermore, these motoring enhancements are marketed with consideration for the ZF oil price and the provision of frequently producing the advantage of a reduction in fuel consumption.

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