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There are essentially three different categories of tyres. Summer tyres, winter tyres, and all-season tyres can be mounted on all types and classes of vehicules: cars, motorcycles, trucks, light trucks, offroad and farming vehicules. In this case, the car owner can choose between different brands and tyre classes. It is important to consider the tyre size, which depends on the size of the wheel on the vehicle. If this incorrect size of tyres is mounted, this can negatively affect handling. The biggest differences in the above types of tyres are in the tread and material.

Summer, winter, and all-season tyres

In United Kingdom, the best-selling passenger car tyres are summer tyres. They are suitable for warm weather and have a special tread, which allows for driving on both wet and dry roads. With summer tyres, you are always safe on the road during the hot months. These car tyres are highly resilient and also provide the best traction at extremely high temperatures. They are available for all vehicle classes and are manufactured by brands such as Michelin, Continental, and Yokohama.

As the winter approaches, you should your summer tyres with suitable winter tyres. This should rather be done sooner rather than later. Even in September, the weather can bring nasty surprises. In Germany, winter tyres are also mandatory. The special tread of winter tyres ensures that the car has the best handling characteristics – even with heavy road conditions such as snow and rain. When it comes to manufacturing winter tyres, safety is of the highest priority. Winter tyres are available in all sizes and for all vehicles classes. Winter tyres can be recognized by the snowflake symbol on the other side of the car tyres. All-season tyres are an alternative for those who do not wish to change their car tyres at the end of season. They have good characteristics in both summer and winter. However, they may be slightly more expensive. Although these tyres are both safe and comfortable, they do not provide the same performance as summer or winter tyres.

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