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Buying new summer 18 tyres

Timely changing of winter tyres into summer is important due to many reasons. Winter tyres are manufactured from different material and have a design that cannot ensure safety in hot weather conditions. In the result, the vehicle becomes incontrollable in specific circumstances, which might result in a car accident.

When to change tyres?

Apart from season change, there some other reasons to change tyres. In other words, if you have been using your summer tyres for a very long time, you might need to buy new summer tyres to avoid damage to your car and decrease any risks.

  • Tread wear. It is obvious that with time tyre tread wears out and becomes thinner. A tyre with tread that corresponds to safe standards throws water away from the vehicle and a tyre with worn out tread pushes the water in front of the vehicle causing hydroplane effect. Today most vehicle have indicator that shows how much the tread becomes worn out.
  • Uneven wear pattern. The tread becomes unevenly worn out when you accelerate or brake hard. This effects the tyre more than normal accelerating and braking. Sidewall damage.
  • The sidewall of a tyre is usually a strong part because it supports the weight of the vehicle. However, if you see any damage, crack, bubble or bulge, you should stop using the tyre and change it into a new one.

The variety of brands – what to choose?

Tyre manufacturing industry has what to offer to drivers with absolutely different cars and budget. However, there are brands that are on the list of the most popular and frequently bought. Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli, Hankook, and Bridgestone are among them. One of the most popular summer tyres are 18 tyre sizes. If you are looking for new summer tyres, consider buying tyres r18 by any of the above mentioned manufacturers. They produce the best 18 tyres with guarantee of outstanding quality.

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Where to buy the best 18 inch tyres

The cost of 18 inch tyres depends on the brand you choose. Well-known brands usually cost more but they frequently own budget brands that sell good quality tyres too. The best palce to search for 18 tyre sizes is on the Internet. Online shops offer not only lower 18 inch tyres price for numerous brands but also a number of other benefits. First, you buy cheap 18 tyres online and save money. Second, you are provided with convenience as you can make purchases any time and any place. Third, most online shops have pre-order option for items that are not in stock. In addition, loyal customer also enjoy nice discounts and deals. You can purchase three tyres and get one more for free. What a nice deal! 

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