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Atlas Tyres

Just like the mythical characters they are named after, Atlas tyres are ready to carry the world on their shoulders, with budget prices and premium quality, a great line-up and tests topped.

In general, Atlas tyres are a top choice, offering excellent grip while being legitimate "green" tyres with impressive label scores and seriously low fuel consumption. The brand will also have a choice for anyone and for any purpose, be that a road trip, driving to work, cruising the city or taking the kids to school. With all this versatility and quality, the Atlas tyres price is easily the best on the market, leaving little to be desired overall.

The Atlas line of tyres consists of the Green, Sport Green, Sport Green SUV, Green Van, Green 4S, Polarbear 1, Polarbear 2, Polarbear SUV and Polarbear Van, offering something for everybody, and all of these come in plenty of sizes to fit all vehicles and all seasons, offering summer, winter and all-season tyres.

The Atlas Greens are the summer tyres, ranging from premium to high and max performance, sporting good safety reserves with aquaplaning, short dry braking distances, low noise and the best price:performance ratio overall, with very good grip on the dry and the wet, be that straight line braking, acceleration or constant-speed cornering. The wide margin of progressiveness gives a sense of security, making them excellent choices for daily cars and daily driving.

The Atlas Polarbears being winter tyres, they offer excellent wet grip and cornering with specific tread patterns and compounds, bringing lower than usual noise, a sense of safety and stability to the driving experience and, especially for the excellent price, unbelievable quality.

All Atlas tyres are engineered with European and international regulations in mind, like E and S-mark, snowflake, REACH compliance and M+S, and they all meet all of the requirements, meaning that as it comes to all-around quality, they won't be beaten by rivals, whether it comes to load and speed rating, noise, environmental awareness, driving in mud and snow or braking and traction.

When it comes to brands and consumer loyalty, it's impossible to beat the Atlas tyres, it's a brand that's easy to be loyal to once you buy your first set.

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