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Avon Tyres

Owned and operated by the Cooper Tyre Company, Avon has a century of solid performance in the business of making tyres. Avon sells tyres for all types of vehicles including cars, vans, and motorcycles. With excellent technology and great products, Avon offers some of the best tyres for performance and value with specialty uses and control.

Avon Tyres for Cars

Performance-type tyres

  • ZZ5 tyres – fantastic tyres for the luxury and high performance tyre styles in differing conditions. Smooth quiet ride and excellent handling.
  • ZZ3 tyres – sport car model made with the best materials for increased smoothness in ride, and performance handling. Rim protection built for keeping high end alloy wheels from scraping the curb.
  • ZV5 tyres – perfect tyres for wet or dry conditions and excellent road handling with rim protection

Premium-type tyres

  • ZV3 tyres – high quality tyre providing amazing quiet ride and super smooth handling in varying road conditions
  • ZT5 tyres – Super safe performance car tyres in varying road conditions.

Specialty Premium Tyres

  • urbosteel tyres 70 – built and fabricated for heavier high end SUV models for great control, quiet ride and smooth driving
  • Turbospeed tyres CR227 – comfortable tyre with great driving road noise reduction and all-surface control.
  • CR228-D tyres – Sidewall flex tyre to provide super smooth driving and nearly complete reduction in road noise

Winter-use tyres

  • CR85 tyres – great traction on snow and mud and ice conditions with good water displacement
  • Ice Touring tyres – excellent winter tyre with smooth ride and water displacement. Designed for rural or long distance driving
  • Ice Touring ST tyres – high performance tyre for long distance driving and smooth and safe ride in varying winter conditions

Avon Tyres for 4X4s

  • Ranger tyres – No road noise, smooth ride, excellent control and handling for varying dry and wet control surfaces
  • Ranger HTT tyres – high end SUV tyre built for smooth ride, control, and increased stability in dry and wet conditions over varying surfaces
  • Ranger A-T tyres – all terrain tyre built for smooth and safe driving in varying road conditions and surfaces.
  • Ranger Ice tyres –provides great traction and grip in wet, dry, or loose road varieties

Avon presents a specialty tyre for nearly every style of driving with varying vehicles over large varieties of road conditions. With so many choices, Avon is a budget tyre of choice.

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