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Dunlop SP 482 - the robust all-rounder

With the Dunlop SP 482, the German manufacturer sends an all-rounder for truck drive axles on the road. A special tread pattern ensures good handling characteristics on both sides of the road, such as at site access.

The latest technologies for optimum traction

In the foreground is in truck tyres for the drive axle optimum power transfer to the road. Traction is the A and O. Beyond well-built asphalt roads prevent ground such as gravel, sand and dirt this. This truck nevertheless reliably and quickly reach their destination even in varying road conditions, the Dunlop SP 482 is mounted on the drive axle. The tyres, flexible also fits well on the street is equipped with deep grooves and a wide center band. As a result of having Dunlop tyres good self-cleaning properties and therefore improved traction off-road. Documents could this the Dunlop SP 482 in EU-normed tests on wet grip. Here he achieved above-average results.

Rugged design ensures durability

A special groove profile and the construction of the carcass (= the supporting tyres backbone) to prevent damage by stone trapping. The built-in tyre steel belt plies are protected with a special plastic compound against corrosion and other damage, such as punctures. A Round New Gung is easily possible due to its robust design the Dunlop SP 482nd Not only the longevity, also good for a ground capable tyre fuel efficiency, speak for the Dunlop SP 482 and its high cost

As the tests show, the Dunlop SP 482 can come up with good traction. If in loose ground, the driving force is urgently needed on the road, making the truck summer tyres on the drive axle reliably serving. Its suitability for retreading and given against stone and gravel damage resistance provide a long service life safely.


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