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Duro: tyre from a manufacturer with experience

The Duro brand is represented for many decades in the tyre market. Since 1945, it provides high quality of tyres. The global export manufacturer produces tyres for all imaginable types of vehicles, and offers a high reliability. Driving pleasure with safety, these two factors motorists can rely with Duro tyre.

Duro: The Brand Story

the company Duro established it in 1945. The company's headquarters is located in Taiwan, the tyres are, however, also made in manufacturing plants in the United States, Thailand and China. From here they are transported around the world. Since range of Duro includes tyres for cars and light trucks, for vans and trailers. In addition, also includes tyres for motorcycles, bicycles and even for agricultural equipment such as lawn mowers to offer. Even drivers of SUVs find the brand the right tyres. thereby both the appropriate summer and winter tyres are available for every vehicle.

Good quality for every season

Duro winter tyres are characterized by a sophisticated profile and a particularly stable rubber. They also offer on muddy and snowy roads good grip and let the driver does not lose control of the car. Through their good driving characteristics convince the Duro summer tyres. An excellent control with drought like in the wet part of their biggest advantages. Duro tyres there are tailored to many different wheel types and in various speed classes.

For which vehicle a tyre is required, Duro has him certainly offer. The company stands out due to its wide range and is intended both for private consumers as well as to professional drivers and businesses.

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