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Evergreen tyres - a round thing

Based in the Chinese province of Shandong tyre manufacturer Evergreen was founded in 1995 and is today one of the leading tyre manufacturers and suppliers in China. Thanks to an enormous growth and rapid development, Evergreen now serves 70 countries with its products.

High quality - worldwide

Evergreen specializing in two different product lines, the constantly evolving subject. With an annual production of 2.5 million pieces Evergreen all-steel tyres produced for trucks and buses. There are also various car tyres with an annual quantity of 10.5 million - and rising. To ensure this development, Evergreen bought a latest and most advanced technologies from around the world. For the further development of its own technologies was not saved and together with the best materials Evergreen is now able to offer a wide range of Evergreen tyres. All offered Evergreen tyres were made according to the latest safety standards and has been awarded the internationally valid certificates. Logistically Evergreen is now up to date and to ensure fast and convenient delivery of Evergreen Tyre by ship, aircraft or based on TRUCKS.

A wide range for each type

Particularly proud of is tyre manufacturer Evergreen to its extensive product range. It includes numerous models for cars, trucks and bus tyres, and Evergreen tyres for off-road detours or those with special inclination angles. Evergreen guarantees a high degree of quality and reliability in all its products. A guarantee is the tyre manufacturer also on the longevity of its products and promises in all Evergreen tyre a good performance and traction.

Evergreen promises as tyre manufacturers a wide range of Evergreen tyres with the highest standards and reasonable prices.

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