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Fortuna is a private label, developed and guarded in Europe. The brand is kept by Deldo and has been produced in Asia since 2005.
Internal control from Deldo guarantees the brand’s long-term product and features development. New sizes are popularized into the program.
Today, Fortuna has one of the best sizes and within the budget segment and offers many unique sizes (including Run Flat and Light Truck) in both summer and winter patterns.

Fortuna facts

•Comfortable and low-noise driving
Fortuna provides you the best comfortable ride with low noise. Basically Noise depends on three factors. Fortuna Tyres minimize the road noise up to the 80% giving you the best experience in your ride.

•Reduced rolling persistency and fuel dissipation as for Fortuna F2000 tyres
Fortuna F1400 tyres for Sports cars give you the best road experience. As it reduces friction, rolling resistance and fuel consumption, it provides you the best ride with your vehicle.

•Winter available in suitable and sturdiness patterns, Winter Challenger tyres gives you the best driving experience on road.

•Newest engineering (first Run Flat tyres from China)
Fortuna is giving the best Engineering support to provide the best Tyres to run on the road.

•Strong size range development

Strength of Tyres providing the long lasting material to give you maximum support to drive smoothly, forgetting the worries about road failure of tyres.

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