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Goodyear CARGO VECTOR 2 Tyres

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Goodyear Cargo Vector 2

Superb Quality All-Season Tyres


The Goodyear CARGO VECTOR 2 are high quality and high performance all-season tyres that are designed to be used with light trucks and vans.  These tyres boast an innovative design that create a variety of features such as their asymmetric tread pattern, flexible center blocks with numerous biting edges, 3D waffle blades and an optimized tread pattern.  These features allow the tyres are able to maintain a high level of road feedback no matter what the road conditions are. 


Good All Year Under All Conditions


Wet or dry, these tyres provide good traction all season.  These tyres also create an even wear which will provide these tyres with a longer life.  These tyres will also create a smooth and comfortable drive.  So for a smooth, stable and safe drive choose the Goodyear CARGO VECTOR 2 tyres for your all season drives.

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