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Jinyu tyre - great look and good quality

Jinyu tyres are popular in the Chinese market for a long time. More and more customers around the world appreciate the highly attractive appearance and excellent quality of the models, which is also available in Jinyu is to purchase in large selection.

Quiet and safe on the road

In Asia Jinyu tyres have always been appreciated. No wonder, makes it the optimal surface for a very smooth ride and even wear. In addition, all models can score with its good flow characteristics, what the driving pleasure increases even further. Visually, the Jinyu tyres can be seen due to the great designs - on Jinyu everyone can convince himself. Whether for summer or for the winter season, with Jinyu tyres you are always safe on the road. For both the summer and winter models can come up with an excellent traction and a high level of grip, which contributes to a comprehensive security for every car ride. Furthermore, the winter tyres with the M + S marking, so that they can be used safely even in icy and slippery road surfaces.

A Chinese success story

Jinyu tyres was founded in 1995 in China. The company specializes in developing and producing quality tyres for motor vehicles. The brand is part of the internationally also very successful group Shandong tyre Company. In developing the Jinyu tyres the company relies on a steady research and development, also each model must pass a comprehensive series of tests successfully before it can leave the house. Jinyu tyres are certified in accordance with, among other European and US standards and are now sold in more than 100 countries and regions. On Jinyu there is a choice of popular models from the house of Jinyu.

Qualitatively and visually appealing - Jinyu Tyre know to convince in many ways. No wonder the models of the Chinese tyre manufacturer may yet come up with many great driving characteristics as a high level of grip, even wear and calm driving behavior.

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