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Do not go anywhere to get summer tyres installed on your car or passenger car. Michelin Pilot SPORT is there to provide you a safe and pleasant drive with its fantastic grip handling in wet areas. BAZ technology used in it increases its responsiveness and stability through maintaining tyre’s shape on roads. Its steering is more responsive due to a high modulus under tread providing enhanced stiffness to the shoulder area.


Michelin Pilot SPORT guarantees precise control in wet weather and makes you feel more confident while driving. Michelin aims at serving you with the maximum satisfaction level through multiple performances like fuel efficiency, safety, durability and many other features provided together. This is what we call Total Performance that has sky as the limit. Our tyres will take care of you and your vehicle and will make you feel great when you are on the road away from home


Michelin Pilot SPORT

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    • 255/50 R16 99Y
    • Car - Summer

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    • 265/35 R18 ZR
    • Car - Summer

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    • 225/40 R19 89Y
    • Car - Summer

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