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Nankang ULTRA SPORT NS-2 Tyres

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Nankang Ultra Sport NS 2, the sporting summer tyres

Nankang Ultra Sport NS 2 - the name of this tyre series sounds promising: Following a sporty driving behavior, high dynamics on the track and after a lot of fun at high speeds. In fact, the summer tyre is suitable primarily for small cars. Many a model of the series, however, makes also sports coupé cuts a fine figure.

Summer tyres with M + S marking

The Nankang Ultra Sport NS 2 is also approved for fast speeds: Depending on the dimension have the tyres the speed index H (210 km/h), V (240 km/h) or Z (over 240 km/h). Sporty the Nankang Ultra Sport is therefore NS 2 actually. And yet another special feature boasts of summer tyres: It is marked with the M + S symbol, an award that otherwise almost only winter and all-season tyres obtained. NS 2 The Nankang Ultra Sport so shall then provide safety when the temperatures drop and the conditions on the roads are unsafe.

Convincing performance on dry and wet roads

The Nankang Ultra Sport NS 2 is characterized by a unidirectional V-profile. The strong longitudinal grooves help to improve the braking performance in all weather conditions. The blades are designed to provide good hydroplaning. The handling on wet appears solid; with the competition, the cheap tyres from Japan compete without problems and shows a similar performance to the excellence of Goodyear . Motorists who are looking for a good tyre for the small purse may, at Nankang Ultra Sport NS 2 so access reassured.

The Nankang Ultra Sport NS 2 to many weather conditions withstand and convince even at high speeds. Especially at high speed security is required. The directional tread design of the Nankang tyre leads to short braking distances in dry and wet.

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