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Petlas tyres were established in 1976, with the goal of being a global brand featuring safety, environmental awareness and economy as well as targeting the next generation with technological products and services.

Passenger car tyres

Summer tyres

Elegant PT311 tyres –reduced noise levels, good grip for cornering and stability, on both wet and dry surfaces, long tread wear
Imperium PT515 tyres –better control and handling, reduced rolling resistance for better fuel economy, better cornering
• Progreen PT525 tyres –long tread wear, better grip in both dry and wet conditions, good fuel economy, reduced noise levels for quieter ride

All season tyres

Imperium PT535 tyres –provides a smoother ride, longer tread wear, better grip on both dry and wet surfaces, better fuel economy

Winter tyres

• Snow-master-w601 tyres –higher braking safety and grip on winter roads, reduced road noise for quieter comfortable ride, better fuel economy
• Snow Master W651 tyres –better grip and shorter braking distances on snowy surfaces, quieter comfortable ride from reduced noise level

SUV and 4X4 tyres

All seasons

• Explero PT411 tyres –very good fuel economy, good grip in both dry and wet surfaces, lower road noise for quieter ride
• Explero PT421 tyres –not as good on fuel economy but better grip on both dry ad wet surfaces


• Explero PT431 tyres –good grip, lower noise, good fuel economy


• Explero W671 tyres –reduced noise, good grip and fuel economy

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