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Are you a passionate bicyclist and want reliable and strong tyres for racing? Schwalbe tyres will be a one-stop place to get the desired tyres that keep your bicycle running on the road. Our tyres have been designed to face all kinds of roads in all seasons and are strong enough to run on the roads and tracks with ease. So no matter which particular racing you are participating in, you can contact us and we will be there to share your drive to the success. That is what we aim at and that is what we strive for. Your success is our success.

Schwalbe tyres we offer for you are of three main categories:

Road tyres

Our large stock is full of bicycle tyres that are fantastic runners on roads. They are perfect handlers on all types of weather including wet, dry, snow, slush, and ice. You can enjoy smooth ride with no hassle of weather conditions with our strong tyres designed to help you have safe and great driving experience even on long routes. You will have thrilling ride with our Schwalbe Pro One HS 462 that are famous for their excellent performance with exceptional road grip and low rolling resistance. Schwalbe One HS 448 is another classic tyre that offers you great on-road grip, durability, and reduced rolling resistance. Schwalbe S-One HS 472, Schwalbe G-One HS 473, Schwalbe Big One HS 472, Ironman HS 432, Durano HS 464, Durano DD HS 464, Durano Plus HS 464, Durano E HS 464A, Durano HT HS 445, Insider, Lugano HS 471, Lugano T HS 424, Durano H HS 376 are the main on-road expert tyres.


Schwalbe tyres have a long list of off-road champions designed to bear with the toughness of tracks and uneven passages with ease and smoothness. With these tyres, your bicycle will run on the rough terrains with efficiency and safety even at high speed. ProCore have dual air chamber system while Nobby Nic HS 463 are the choice of those who love riding in the hilly areas. Racing Ralph HS 425 are designed to race and Rocket Ron HS 438 is known for its off-road grip, durability, and rolling resistance. Magic Marry HS 447 are great on protection and off-road excellence. Hans Dampf HS 426, Rock Razor HS 452, Fat Albert Front, Fat Albert Rear, Thunder Burt HS 451, Furious Fred HS 395, Schwalbe Big One HS 472, Dirty Dan HS 417, and Jumbo Jim HS 466 are off-road beauty.


Schwalbe tyres are another fantastic offer designed to deliver you wonderful touring. They include Marathon Plus HS 440, Marathon Plus Tour HS 404, Marathon HS 420, Marathon Supreme HS 469, Marathon Almotion HS 453, Marathon Cross and others.

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