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Starmaxx is produced by Petlas tyres industry, for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs and 4X4s as well as off road vehicles for agriculture, construction, earthmoving, industrial, and aircrafts.

Passenger cars

Summer tread

Tolero ST330 tyres –enhanced grip on wet surfaces, good fuel economy, lower noise levels for quieter comfortable ride
• Ultrasport ST730 tyres –better grip on wet and dry surfaces, better fuel economy, reduced noise levels
• Ultrasport ST740 tyres –better fuel economy, enhanced grip on wet surfaces

All season tread

• Novaro ST552 tyres –good traction in both winter and summer conditions, lower noise levels

Winter tread

Icegripper W810 tyres –shorter braking distance and better grip on snowy surfaces, provides stability and comfort, lower noise levels
Icegripper W850 tyres –shorter braking distance enhanced grip in winter conditions, lower noise levels for quieter ride

SUV 4X4s

• Incurro ST430 tyres –all season tyre providing better grip in both wet and dry conditions, better fuel economy, reduced noise level
• Incurro ST440 tyres –all season tyre better grip both winter and summer, lower noise, good fuel economy
• Incurro ST450 tyres –summer tread enhanced grip on dry and wet surfaces, better fuel economy, and less noise
• Incurro W870 tyres –winter tread good grip in snow, slush, and wet conditions, reduced noise levels for quieter ride

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