Keep Your Car Looking its Best With Our Car Accessories

Every car owner should take pride in their car but many are guilty of neglecting the little things. These little things might not only affect the aesthetic of your car but can also help driving performance and fuel economy.

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Car Care Accessories

It’s a good idea to put your car through a car wash or treat it to the occasional visit to the valet service but it’s even easier to put in a little time to apply a little TLC yourself. There is a wide range of cleaning and car products available in store for every part of your car from the paintwork to the wheels and the interior.

For the paintwork, there Is everything from cleaners, polishes and waxes to cloths and sponges to do the work. There are specialist cleaners for wheel trims and also products for cleaning leather or fabric upholstery.

Look out for the great deals on larger size products and cleaning sets/kits.

All products are from the most respected names in the European car care industry.

Safety Products and Winter Care

With climate change affecting weather patterns so dramatically, it pays to be prepared so it pays to invest in a good pair of snow chains to ensure safe driving in extreme winter weather. Especially handy if you drive in Europe in the winter.


Even though on board computers can tell you so much about your engine’s performance, you can increase efficiency and engine output with a whole range of products. Additives can help fuel move through the engine more smoothly and others can help lubricate and keep parts free from friction and wear.

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