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Buying Snow Tyres For Driving In Ireland

While Ireland may not be subject to large amounts of snow falls it doesn't mean that the drivers here would not do well with using snow tyres. Having an understanding of the purpose of winter tyres will help you make an informed decision about them.

The Purpose of Winter Tyres

The type of tyres you use on your vehicle should be dictated by the type of weather and driving conditions that the vehicle will be used in. In Ireland, for example, the colder months can cause a drop in temperatures of below 7 degrees Celsius. At these temperatures, your summer tyres are not going to perform at their best. However, the best winter tyres that you can purchase will help to keep you safer when driving during the winter months.

Winter road tyres are made so they grip the surface better because they are made with a softer rubber compound for the treads. Plus, the treads in the winter tyres are deeper giving better traction when it comes to snow, sleet, ice and mud which are common in the winter months.

Avoid Winter Tyres in Summer

It may be a slight inconvenience for you to have to switch your mud and snow tyres over to summer tyres in the warm weather but it is important that you do so. The soft rubber of the snow tyres does not respond well to the hotter temperatures of the surfaces that they are being driven on. If you don't make the switch then you are really costing yourself extra money as your winter tyres will lose their effectiveness in the following winters.

How to Buy Winter Tyres

The first thing you may consider doing is buying cheap winter tyres, assuming that you will only be using them for a few months of the year. This is not advisable as these tyres may be inferior and will not give you the safety protection that you need. When choosing the best winter tyres look at a quality winter tyre review about the brands you are considering. Check out the statistics on the winter tyre test that is applicable to the ones that appeal to you. Something that is also very important is to look at winter tyre comparisons. If you are looking for budget winter tyres then consider winter tyre packages as you will often find that you get a great deal on these.

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