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Standard Tyres / Wheels parameters:
New tyre / wheel parameters:
/ - X ET
Wheels Wheels {{$index + 1}} ({{wheel.rimDiameterInch}}X{{wheel.rimWidthInch}} ET {{wheel.offset}}) dynamic
Wheel diameter {{wheel.rimDiameter | number:1 | metric:currentmetric:0:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].rimDiameter-wheels[0].rimDiameter)/wheels[0].rimDiameter) * 100 | number:2}}%
Wheel width {{wheel.rimWidth | number:0 | metric:currentmetric:1:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].rimWidth-wheels[0].rimWidth)/wheels[0].rimWidth) * 100 | number:2}}%
space {{wheel.backSpace | number:1 | metric:currentmetric:1:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].backSpace-wheels[0].backSpace)/wheels[0].backSpace) * 100 | number:2}}%
offset {{wheel.offset | number:1 | metric:currentmetric:1:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].offset-wheels[0].offset)/wheels[0].offset) * 100 | number:2}}%
Tyres Tyres {{$index + 1}} ({{wheel.tireWidth}}/{{wheel.tireAspectRatio}} R{{wheel.rimDiameterInch}}) dynamic
Section width {{wheel.tireWidth | number:1 | metric:currentmetric:1:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].tireWidth-wheels[0].tireWidth)/wheels[0].tireWidth) * 100 | number:2}}%
Side wall {{wheel.sideWallHeight | number:1 | metric:currentmetric:1:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].sideWallHeight-wheels[0].sideWallHeight)/wheels[0].sideWallHeight) * 100 | number:2}}%
Overall diameter {{wheel.overallDiameter | number:1 | metric:currentmetric:1:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].overallDiameter-wheels[0].overallDiameter)/wheels[0].overallDiameter) * 100 | number:2}}%
scope {{wheel.ference | number:0 | metric:currentmetric:1:'distance'}} {{((wheels[1].ference-wheels[0].ference)/wheels[0].ference) * 100 | number:2}}%
Revolutions per KM {{wheel.revsPerKM | number:0 }} {{((wheels[1].revsPerKM-wheels[0].revsPerKM)/wheels[0].revsPerKM) * 100 | number:2}}%
speed {{wheel.speed | number:1 | metric:currentmetric:1:'speed'}} {{((wheels[1].speed-wheels[0].speed)/wheels[0].speed) * 100 | number:2 }}%


Tyres/wheels {{val}}

The Advantages Of Using A Tyre Size Calculator

There are many advantages to buying tyres for your vehicle online. One of the benefits is being able to use one of the online tools such as the tyre size calculator.

What is a Tyre Size Calculator?

The tyre calculator is a great resource for being able to calculate the metric tyre dimensions that you will need for the tyres for your vehicle. Once you know this then it makes it easier for you to make a tyre comparison. It allows you to quickly determine important metrics such as:

  • The diameter
  • Width
  • Sideways
  • Circumference

Why Are Tyre Dimensions Important?

The tyres of your vehicle are one of the most important components of your vehicle. When replacing the tyres, it is important that you keep to the same original tyre size as possible. This is what lends to the safety of your vehicle as it helps to ensure that the drive shaft of your vehicle remains stable.

Using a Wheel Size Calculator

Using a quality wheel size calculator like the one we offer here is quick and easy. It is also a way to be sure that you are buying the right sized tyre that you need.

Alternative Tyre Sizes

When you are considering alternative tyre sizes, then this is really where you will want to make use of the wheel size calculator. It takes all of the guesswork out of the size of the tires that are going to meet your wants and needs. Keep in mind that with the original tire size both the speedometer and odometer readings come from the entire diameters of the wheel and tire components. If you change the diameter of the wheels by an inch, you have to ensure that there is a compensation of the sidewalls, so the height is one inch less. Having a wheel size calculator to rely on will allow you to make the right choices. This is one of the reasons why you want to do a tyre size comparison using the right tools like out quality tyre size calculator.

How to Find Tyre Size Using a tyre size calculator

Our tyre calculator has been designed, so it is user-friendly. Just pick the parameters that apply to your vehicle. You will need to enter wheels parameters and/or the rims parameters. Once you have entered the metrics, then you will give the best recommendations. Those that are not appropriate are colour coded. Any of the recommendations can be clicked on to give the user some quality choices at great prices for the size of tyres that are the most appropriate. 

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