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Uniroyal tyres

Uniroyal has 130 years of history. It started out as a rubber goods business and has grown into one of the leaders in tyre manufacturing. Over the past 30 years they have become to be known as the rain tyre
The Uniroyal philosophy is to deliver the highest safety on wet roads. In order to keep you safe they are always researching and developing ways for Uniroyal tyres to be more resistant to aquaplaning. At 60mph a Uniroyal tyre can disperse water at the rate of eight litres every second. Making Uniroyal a name in tyres you can trust

Uniroyal summer tyres

Rain Expert –for compact cars it provides better protection against aquaplaning, shorter stopping distances, greater degree of safety when forced to make a critical maneuver and a longer tyre lifespan
Rain Max 2 –for vans better protection against aquaplaning, short braking distance on wet and dry roads, improved handling and cornering stability, long tyre life
RainExpert 3 –for compact and mid-sized cars high safety with less aquaplaning, shorter braking distances both on dry and wet surfaces, low rolling resistance on any road for better fuel economy
RainSport 3 –a better grip on cornering on wet surface, greater resistance to aquaplaning, shorter braking distance, and noise reduction for quieter ride
Rallye 4x4 Street –for SUVs better performance in all weather conditions both on and off the road

Uniroyal winter tyres

MS plus 77 –ideal for large and fast cars, with technologic advancements it provides excellent performance on wet and cold surfaces as well as a high level of safety in snow, making it the new force in winter
Snow Max 2 –for people carriers such as buses and taxis, provides for optimum traction on snow, even better protection against aquaplaning, and shorter stopping distances on snow as well as improved handling.

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