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Goodyear Tyres

Frank A. Seiberling founded Goodyear in 1898 by in East Akron, Ohio. They first made horseshoe pads, bicycle and carriage tyres, fire hoses and even rubber poker chips. Goodyear produces the first off-the-road tyre: the Rut-Proof Tyre in 1921 and today produces tyres for cars, trucks, SUVs, 4X4s, and buses.

Car Tyres

• DuraGrip –fuel efficient, higher aquaplaning resistance, longer wear, responsive handling, and quiet ride

• DuraGrip – provides a shorter braking distances on wet or dry roads, reduced aquaplaning, and environmentally friendly

• Vector 5+/Eagle Vector 2+ -traction for all conditions

• UltraGrip 8 –shorter braking distance in snow, improved handling, reduced aquaplaning

• Excellence – good handling, grip, long wear

• UltraGrip 8 –extra grip winter tyre with improved handling

• Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 –better fuel efficiency, shorting braking distances, improved handling

SUVs and 4X4s

• EfficientGrip SUV- fuel-saving design, Shorter braking distance on wet or dry surfaces, long life

• Cargo Marathon –resistant to aquaplaning, better handling and traction, quiet ride

• Cargo G26 - consistent grip, quiet and comfortable ride

• Cargo UltraGrip 2 –good traction and high load-carrying capability

• Wrangler AT/SA+ - provides good performance suitable for a mixture of on/off-road conditions

• Wrangler AT/SA –resistant to punctures and cuts, improved mud traction, firm grip on wet roads

• Wrangler DuraTrac - traction in deep mud and snow, quiet, stable ride on the road with enhanced traction for dirt and gravel

Goodyear Innovative Technologies include:

• RunOnFlat self-supporting tyres (2005) keeps you on the road even after a blowout until you can reach a service station

• ActiveCornerGrip /ActiveBraking (2007) technologies give improved handling under hard braking or cornering.

• In 2008 the SmartWear technology revealed new channels and compounds as the tyre wears, for better resistance to aquaplaning over the life of the tyre.

• In 2011 stiffness and stability were imporved with Patented 3D-BIS (Three-dimensional Block Interlocking System) technology

• EfficientGrip Performance technology lowers rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption without performance compromise (2013)

The innovation won’t stop there, Goodyear is constantly researching and developing new technology to bring you better tyres for a safer, quieter, more comfortable ride.

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