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Continental tyres: the best quality of tyres

When it comes to choosing tyres, experienced drivers always prefer high-quality brands. Tyres are the only part of any vehicle that has direct contact with the surface. The quality of tyres affects their performance. The way the car accelerates or brakes highly depends on the quality of the quality of material. High-quality car tyres ensure good grip and safe driving, which are incredibly important for long distance driving.

Continental is one the most recommended tyre manufacturers in the world. In fact, it is the fourth largest tyre company. Continental is a German brand, which was established in 1871. The company has a considerable experience and a long record of success. Continental is said to be the pioneer in using numerous advanced technologies for the first time. Today the company manufactures tyres for bicycles, motorcycles, and automobiles. The brand is present in most countries under Continental brand name but on some markets you can find it under other brand names –Viking, General, Semperit, Gislaved, and Barum.

Types of Continental tyres

Continental tyres are a good choice for average segment cars as well as premium cars such as Audi, Jaguar or BMW. The company manufactures three basic types of tyres – summer, winter and all-season tyres. Each type of Continental tyres are designed by professional engineers to meet the highest international standards.

Summer tyres . Continental summer tyres have rubber compound that provides excellent handling and grip on wet and dry road. It is also worth mentioning that these tyres have great fuel efficiency features and excellent rolling resistance. You get the best driving experience with Continental summer tyres as they have reduced road noise. The tread of summer tyres and speacilly-designed grooves ensure maximum contact with the road and better water clearance.

Winter tyres . Continental brand takes your safety seriously. Winter tyres are manufactured from rubber that does not harden at low temperatures. Due to special tread design your vehicle is stable on a snowy and icy road. Continental winter tyres are among the safest tyres for winter driving. They have deeper blocks that ensure better grip on a snowy road.

All-season tyres . All-season tyres are the best solution for countries with mild temperature in summer and winter. It eliminates the need to buy and change tyres twice a year. All-season tyres combine features of winter and summer tyres, which makes them immensely convenient. These tyres also offer longer tread life. Tyres are manufactured from material, which is designed for a higher mileage than summer tyres. Moderate tyre depth ensures good grip on a dry and wet road.

Get the best Continental tyres for your vehicle

Drivers are not recommended to cut budget when it comes to buying tyres. Your safety and safety of other passengers should be a top priority. Check online stores that will help you save money and purchase high-quality Continental tyres. Online stores offer a wide selection of tyres and much lower prices in comparison to traditional stores. It is the best place to look for branded tyres.

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