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Michelin Crossclimate Tyres

Millions of people generally aren't wrong, and yes, the Michelin Crossclimate tyres proudly sport a 97% consumer recommendation percentage and a 4.5/5 global rating based on reviews from actual people.

The Michelin Crossclimate has shaken up the industry, boasting itself as a "summer tyre with winter capability", and it works. Despite its summer focus, it does meet snow grip standards (marked on the tyre with a three-peak-mountain-with-snowflake symbol), and while conventional all-season tyres outpace it on snow, it's a close call and it did do much better than the summer comparison.

On snow, Crossclimate Michelin tyres will feel safer and leaps and bounds ahead of any summer tyre. In the dry, it will be truly perfect, being excellent with handling and braking, and while it's a bit softer than a normal summer tyre, that also adds even more to grip.

Seeing how a staggering amount of people use summer tyres year-round and conventional all-seasons tyres fall short in several areas, you might be looking at the perfect tyre, as Michelin claims the Crossclimate doesn't.

Michelin Crossclimate

The Crossclimate is the first ever summer tyre to receive winter certification. It does have its numerous advantages, for certain.

It's rated "A for wet weather braking, has around C-B fuel rating for better mileage, is proven to last around 5000 miles longer than the average mileage of its competitors - also making the Michelin Crossclimate tyres price virtually unmatched for the value, which also includes VAT, disposal, balancing and valves, for the record - and you get free fitting at hundreds of ATS Euromasters.

The reasons behind being such an effective all-rounder and good seller, Michelin figures, are the construction and tread. The tyre is two-layered, minimizing heat transfer, and its rather distinctive tread pattern features V-shape blocks (which improve grip on snow and optimize lateral performance) and self-blocking 3D sipes (which boost traction and improve braking).

The Michelin Crossclimate Tyre is the lovechild of winter and summer technologies, and again, 97% of all buyers are rarely wrong.

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