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Founded in 1967, Maxxis began making bicycle tyres, since then they have introduced a line of products for cars, 4X4s, motorcycles, trucks, light trucks, buses, ATVs, lawn and garden products, race karts, industrial vehicles and trailers.

Car Tyres
Victra Sport VS-01 –high speed driving sport performance, stability, control, and manoeuvrability, and noise reduction for quiet ride
• Victra MA-Z1 –improved wet and dry tractions, better fuel mileage
• M36 –enhanced cornering, stability, reduced tyre noise for quiet ride
Victra MA-510 –increased ground contact giving good traction in wet conditions, high speed stability, comfortable ride with low noise
MA-1 –touring tyre for almost all passenger cars, resist aquaplaning, good fuel economy and long life
• Victra MA-Z3 –aggressive tread leads to reduced aquaplaning, better handling and steering response, improved tread wear
MA-P1 –better handling , reduced noise for comfortable ride, enhanced wet and dry traction
4X4s tryes
• Marauder II MA-S2 –all season performance, enhanced stability and cornering, long wear
• Bravo Series AT-771 –combines on road and off road performance, improved off-road stability and handling, tread wear, and wet traction
• Bighorn MT-762 –for muddy terrains, puncture resistant, added traction on uneven ground, yet a smooth on road ride
• Trepador Radial M8060 –tyre for extreme off road, improved control, improved puncture resistance and long tread life.
Van and light truck tyres
• DN-851N –commercial taxi tyre, safety and stability, low noise for comfortable ride
• Bravo Series UE-168(N) –commercial van tyre gives driving stability, water drainage, smooth ride, and low noise level
UE-103 –van and light truck tyre provides increases tread life, driving stability, resistance to aquaplaning, smooth ride and low noise level
Motorcycle tyres
Road bike
• Supermaxx Diamond MA-3DS –provides better grip, cornering, and fuel savings
• Supermaxx Sport MA-PS –high performance sport bike provides better grip and cornering
• Supermaxx M6029 –touring tyre provides better handling and stability for quick cornering
• Classic M6011 –designed for classic cruiser bikes provides for better water dispersion for more control on wet highways
• Traxer M6017 –on or off road, gives better stability, water or mud dispersion
• Dual Sport M6006 –a smooth ride on even surfaces while giving better traction off road
Off road
• Maxxcross SI M7311 / M7312 –delivers traction and wear in soft or intermediate conditions
• Maxxcross IT M7304 / M7305 –offers better handling and cornering in intermediate conditons
• Maxxcross EN M7313 / M7314 –designed for aggressive cornering
• M6029 –tubeless tyre for performance scoots that gives better cornering and wear
• M6128 –offers better grip in wet conditions
ATV tyres
• M6128 –a smoother ride over rough terrains great for desert, dirt and rock application
• Razr2 M933 / M934 –offers enhanced cornering
• Razr XM RS07 / RS08 –better traction on loose to intermediate motocross tracks

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