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The Tyre That Keeps You Safe

It is the philosophy of Bridgestone to provide quality and safety to your tyres on every journey you take whether it is 5 miles or 500 miles away.  The company was founded in 1931 and has since developed many tyres to fit many types of vehicles always keeping their goal of safety and quality in mind. Bridgestone operates 178 plants in 25 nations and sell products in more than 150 countries.  Bridgestone aspires to offer the best for their customers and society, in terms of our products, services and technology, as well as in all of our corporate activities.

Tyre research and development 

Always looking forward for more improved tyres to provide comfort and stability there have been several new generations of tyres developed. Including ways to reduce fuel consumption which keeps emissions lower and helps protect the environment without losing a smooth ride and the ability to stop when needed.

Cars, trucks and agricultural equipment Bridgestone tyres

Some of the tyres offered for these vehicles include sports, touring, and eco-friendly, as well as winter driving and off road. They also have agricultural tyres for farming. 

Three types of eco-friendly tyres 

Right now the top three eco-friendly tyres available for cars:

  • EP 150
  • EP 25
  • EP 500

All Ecopia tyres provide stability, lower resistance on rolling, and a comfortable ride. By lowering resistance to rolling you save fuel and cut down on emissions into the environment.

Other styles available

  • Turanza  -reliable breaking, grip, stability and performance handling
  • Potenza – precision, comfort, and efficiency

High performance driving

If you want true gripping power for both wet and dry as well as comfort to take your performance vehicle to its full potential you can try out one of these tyres:

  • RE002
  • RE050
  • S001

These tyres differ by type of performance vehicle they are going to be on. They have 15 varieties so be sure to make sure you have the right one for your vehicle.

SUV tyres

If you have a 4x4 then you will need the right combination of durability, steering, traction, and breaking in all kinds of weather.

  • HP Sport
  • LM 80
  • LM 80 EVO

Three series of suv tyres that will give the grip, response, and stopping power you need in any conditions.

Motorcycle tyres

Whether your bike is sport, touring, racing, custom, or off road, these tyres will provide you with the stability and performance your bike and you deserve

  • A40
  • TW301
  • ED 663

All these styles will give you all the quality and safety you need for your bike.

Agricultural Tyres

VT-TRACTOR –provides low soil compaction, Low fuel consumption, great traction for high productivity.

Maxi Traction - for high horsepower tractors, combines and harvesters, good traction, self-cleaning and driving comfort.

Maxi Traction IF –provides reduced soil-compaction and more working efficiency, transport heavier loads at higher speeds.

Performer 65 - excellent traction, self-cleaning and driving comfort.

Performer 85-90-95 – gives high load capacity, better on-road performance with good traction and self-cleaning, long tyre life.

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