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The best Pirelli tyres

Pirelli tyres from Italy are some of the best on the road. With a passion for excellence, these tyres are ideal for many different vehicles and weather types.

Pirelli Tyres for Cars

  • P ZERO™ CORSA SYSTEM – provides excellent traction and stopping power
  • CINTURATO™ P1™ VERDE - provides a smooth ride and easy handling over street surfaces.
  • P ZERO ROSSO - Excellent tyre for sporty vehicles and great with handling and control
  • CINTURATO™ P7™ BLUE – High quality tyre designed for touring with great road control
  • CINTURATO™ P7 – excellent for medium and high performance cars with good fuel economy.
  • P ZERO™ NERO GT –excellent all around tyre for handling and fuel economy
  • P ZERO – best tyre for high end sporty vehicles
  • CINTURATO™ ALL SEASON – city tyre for smooth ride

Pirelli Tyres for SUVs

  • SCORPION VERDE – excellent SUV tyre designed to improve traction control and provide a smooth ride for even larger SUV models.
  • SCORPION™ ATR –excellent off road tyre with great traction and handling on all types of surfaces.
  • P ZERO ROSSO™ SUV – perfect for comfort and control in your SUV
  • SCORPION™ ZERO™ ASIMMETRICO –designed for quality SUVs and with increased handling and control for a smooth ride.
  • SCORPION™ STR - designed for vehicles with a need for excellent grip and handling in different road scenarios like SUVs or off road vehicles
  • P ZERO™ SUV - Excellent tyre for high end SUV models

Pirelli Van Tyres

  • CHRONO™ SERIE 2 –great summer tyre designed to maintain stability even with heavy loads. Built for vans.
  • CARRIER™ - comfort tyre with safety features for wet conditions including aquaplaning control.

Motorsport/Rally Tyres from Pirelli

  • Sottozero™ - designed for mixed driving conditions
  • Xr – excellent for gravel surfaces and loose ground
  • P ZERO™ TROFEO R – Excellent for dry condition racetrack driving
  • Slick – Perfect for dry to damp competition grounds
  • P7™ CORSA Classic – excellent tyre for multipurpose rally sports

Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres

  • SCORPION™ TRAIL II – excellent fuel economy and control in wet conditions
  • ANGEL™ GT - Best touring tyre for long drives and mileage control
  • CITY DEMON™ - excellent tyre for all types of road conditions and touring
  • MT 66 ROUTE™ - Provides smooth rides for custom motorcycles in varying road conditions.

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