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Michelin Tyres

Michelin, a UK-based tyre company, has 150 years of making tyres to boast about. First incorporated in May 1905, Michelin makes car, truck, and bus tyres and also retreads. The goal of the company is to produce a high quality product and increase mobility for consumers. Whether car tyres, SUV tyres, 4X4s, van tyres, different tyres for motorhomes, or even specialty tyres for airplanes, huge specialized tyres for earthmovers, farm machinery and trucks, Michelin has something for everyone.

The iconic mascot of the company, Michelin Man, was first drawn as a character in 1898 by the brothers and an artist they hired named O’Galop. Since the first days of the company the Michelin Man mascot has always continued to change with the times so he is always modern.

Michelin Tyres for Cars

  • Michelin specializes in a wide range of high quality car tyres for every kind of weather and surface condition.
  • Energy E-V – The tyre that is suggested for the Renault Zoe
  • Energy Saver + - High quality tyre for excellent fuel efficiency
  • Primacy 3 – Great summer tyre for stability, long tread life, and control
  • Pilot Sport 3 – sporty tyre for performance cars
  • Pilot Super Sport - Made for the highest end sports cars with excellent control and steering power
  • Cross Climate – Excellent in all weather varieties
  • Primacy HP – designed for luxury cars with a smooth quiet ride
  • Alpine5 – excellent for control in all inclement weather
  • Pilot Alpine – the winter tyre of choice for high performance vehicles
  • Alpine – excellent winter tyre for commuter cars

Michelin Tyres for 4X4/SUV

  • Latitude Sport3 – excellent safety graded tyre
  • Latitude Tour HP – road surface SUV tyre
  • Primacy 3 – a great comfortable summer tyre for SUVs
  • Latitude Cross – designed to fit smaller SUVs
  • Latitude Alpine – excellent winter tyre for control and slippage
  • Alpine 5 – provides control and safety in winter weather conditions

Van Motorhome Tyres

  • Agilis- designed for vans or other vehicles
  • Agilis camping- made as a tyre for motorhomes and campers

For utility vehicles and vans over 2.8 tonnes GVW

  • Agilis – excellent summer tyre for vans
  • Agilis Alpine – excellent winter tyre for vans

Classic Michelin tyres and competition classic tyres

Michelin specializes in classic style tyres and competition tyres, and offers a wide variety for every kind of tyre choice.

Michelin Classic

  • Double Rivet
  • X
  • Pilote X
  • TRX
  • MXV – P
  • SuperConfort Stop S
  • X M+S 89
  • ZX
  • XZX
  • XAS
  • XWX
  • TRX GT
  • Pilot SX MXX3
  • MXW

Michelin Competition Classic

  • XAS-FF
  • TB 15
  • TB5 (R and F)
  • PB 20

Michelin is an industry leader in seeking to provide sustainable solutions for tyre manufacturing and reuse and waste disposal. The have more than 800 million sets of tyres on the road at any one time.

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