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225/40 R18

Michelin tyres are the specialists when it comes to 225-40-R18 tyres. Michelin is one of the first proponents of pneumatic tyres for bicycles and cars. They are one of the most popular tyre companies of 2015.


The Michelin tyre company

Among the technological advances in the tyre market, Michelin are the first low-pressure tyres, the zigzag profile in the outsole, the steel radial tyre and the former Innovation of tubeless Michelin tyre. Over the period of time, Michelin has implemented new concepts and further developed its tyre products. More recent innovations made by Michelin include products such as the summer tyres Michelin Pilot Sport 3 or winter tyres Michelin Alpin A4 for cars. Michelin car tyres that are constantly tested by independent companies result in a very positive business relationship. Fulda, Hankook, Nokian is some of the competitors who manufacture tyres of similar dimensions.


What’s in the 225-40-18 dimensions?

As per the tyre guide, 225-40-R18 is the most optimal dimension for high speed, reliability and durability. This dimension fits well for most popular models like Nokian, Pyrelli and many others. These Michelin tyre dimensions are said to possess some of the most desirable criteria of safety, longevity and fuel economy. Whether you travel by bike or riding a car or bicycle, you can find your vehicle most compatible with these dimensions.



Being one of the best travel tyres, Michelin has been awarded "Tyre Manufacturer of the Year 2012". Green Michelin tyres strive to offer enhanced emphasis on its commitment to environmental and climate protection and save fuel during your long distance travel.

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