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Making quality tyres since 1960, Kumho has a special market presence and make in excess of 68 million tyres each year. The also have five Research and Development locations on three continents around the world. Kumho supports many Motorsport events, and they have also designed a tyre especially for F1.

Car Kumho Tyres

Performance Style

  • ECSTA KU39 – excellent wet and dry traction and performance
  • ECSTA KU31 – excellent in wet conditions for avoiding aquaplaning and also for great handling


  • ECSTA KH31 – great tyre for wet and dry conditions and improves handling in differing weather conditions
  • ECSTA HS51 – smooth ride and traction in slippery road conditions with good cornering ability

General-use Tyres

  • ECOWING ES01 KH27 – Smooth handling and cornering ability with great fuel economy
  • SOLUS KH17 – stablility, cornering, and braking are all improved with this smooth ride tyre

Winter-use Tyres

  • IZEN KW27 – great handling and cornering in both wet and dry conditions. Good displacement to protect from hydroplaning.
  • IZEN KW23 – great traction and handling in winter conditions and low temperature driving
  • KW7400 – great traction in icy and snowy road conditions with good handling and cornering
  • Solus KH21 – an all around great snow and all season tyre for varying weather and road conditions

SUV-use Tyres

Road tyres

  • CRUGEN HP91 – excellent stability and handling on corners and smooth control over varying road conditions
  • ECSTA x3 KL17 – great tyre for high end SUVs allowing smooth and quiet ride and excellent handling
  • SOLUS KL21 – great fuel economy, improving stability and cornering as well as grip in both wet and dry conditions
  • Road Venture APT KL51 – excellent grip for improved stability and performance with smooth and quiet ride
  • CRUGEN KL33 – an amazing touring tyre for high end SUVs providing a smooth and quiet ride with great fuel efficiency

All terrain-use tyres

  • Road Venture AT KL78 – excellent tyre for all surfaces - provides protection from punctures and cuts as well as providing a quiet and smooth ride
  • Road Venture MT KL71 – great mud-traction tyre with smooth handling and excellent road grip in a variety of driving conditions – reduces risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions
  • Kumho Tyres for Winter
  • Izen KC15 – excellent grip and improved braking ability along with great fuel efficiency in winter conditions

Van tyres


  • 857 – fuel and mileage efficient summer tyre for vans of all weights providing smooth ride and excellent control
  • Portran KC53 – cornering speciality tyre for wet road conditions and excellent fuel efficiency over longer drives


  • Powergrip KC11 – lengthy tyre life and fantastic handling control in both wet and loose dry conditions

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