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How to choose new SUV tyres

Today SUVs account for around 25% of all new vehicles in Europe. This type of vehicles is preferred by drivers, who used to drive sedans and hatchbacks because they provide more confidence and stability on the road. However, it is important to remember that no matter how great your vehicle is, tyres play an important role. When buying tyres for SUV, drivers are strongly recommended to buy only high-quality products of reliable brands to get maximum performance.

Choosing the brand

When it comes to choosing tyre brand, you can easily get lost in the list of tyres companies. The market of tyre manufacturing offers a wide range of brands. Some of them are well-known and reputable, other brands are new, and still need time to become trusted and recommended. Among the best SUV tyres you will find Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Hankook, and some others. The best 4x4 tyres are not always the most expensive. In fact, plenty of manufacturers of the best off road tyres have budget brands producing budget 4x4 tyres. In other words, some cheap SUV tyres have outstanding technical features and quality.

All-season 4x4 off road tyres

All-season tyres are extremely popular in many countries. Regular all-season off road tyres come in T-speed ratings but new vehicles that come with all-season tyres usually have H-and V-speed ratings. It results in a better grip but affects the tread badly. Nevertheless, there are drivers, who do not care much about that because performance of all-season tyres is worth spending oftener.

Ultra high-performance SUV tyres

Ultra high-performance tyres have been designed to optimize braking, handling, and cornering. In fact, such tyres can be seen on various vehicles, not only SUVs. High-performance tyres provide a good grip with short and stiffer sidewalls of the tyre.

Conventional tyres

Traditional 4x4 off road tyres are a common choice of many owners of SUVs. The main benefit of such tyres is that they have warranty of 70, 000 - 100,000 miles, while all-season and high-performance tyres have warranty of 40,000- 70,000 miles. Traditional 4x4 tyres ensure good grip and handling. However, it is important to choose the right size of tyres, if you want to get the best of them.

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Where to buy 4x4 tyres

If you are looking for cheap off road tyres, you are strongly recommended to check online shops. Even though you can easily find cheap 4x4 tyres in conventional stores, you will be offered a better selection of tyres for 4x4 vehicles. Online stores usually have excellent off road tyre prices and will gladly provide you with additional discount. Once you start shopping online on regular basis, you become a “loyal customer”. Loyal customers are always granted bonuses and are the first to find out about new deals. The most popular deal for tyres is “buy three tyres and get one more for free”. Buy 4x4 tyres online and you will discover many other benefits of online shopping. 

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