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Firestone Tyres

Firestone was founded in 1900 by Harvey S. Firestone. By 1906 Henry Ford chose Firestone for his Model-T. In 1911 the first Indy 500 was won on Firestone tyres. By 1932, Firestone developed the first pneumatic tractor tyre. In 1968 the first F1 race was won on Firestone tyres by Graham Hill. 2014 Firestone launched the Destination HP tyre for SUVs.

Tyres for cars and SUVs

• MULTIHAWK 2 tyres – a summer tyre that provides reliable braking, quiet and comfortable ride for urban driving
• MULTISEASON tyres –an all season tyre providing year round performance in all weather conditions
• DESTINATION HP tyres –a summer tyre for SUVs provides high stability in both wet and dry conditions, rolling resistance for fuel economy
• TZ300α tyres –summer tyre reliable performance and safety
• FyreHAWK SZ90μ tyres –summer trye with run flat technology providing better steering response in both wet and dry conditions

Tyres for Vans

• VANHAWK tyres –summer tyre providing durability, better grip in wet conditions

Tyres for Trucks

Firestone makes tyres that provide high performance and long service life at low cost, for high-speed motorway trucking and short-haul in congested urban conditions. Manufactured with the latest technology, including advanced tread-pattern design, groove and casing techniques, these tyres provide operators with cost-effective transport solutions.

On Road

• FS400 tyres –good wet and dry handling, reduced noise levels
• PSD3000 tyres –gives high-torque loading; handles well in wet and dry, good wet performance and high mileage
• FD600 tyres –provides excellent handling in wet and dry and long wear life
• TSP3000 tyres –provides for decreased fuel consumption

Off Road

Firestones range of all-steel radial tyres for mixed on/off road use provides a very powerful traction and good handling performance on paved roads, mostly on short haul. These tyres are also made for rugged durability used for difficult OFF road conditions.
• UT3000Plus tyres –good tear resistance, heat durability and longer service life superior traction from aggressive tread pattern design
• SAT3000Plus tyres –excellent tear resistance, heat durability and longer service life
• TMP3000 tyres – strong belt cords ensures maximum durability in all service conditions, excellent performance in regional on/off road usage

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