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Toyo Tyres

Toyo Tyres was founded in 1945 in Osaka Japan. Since then they have become one of the worlds leading manufacturer of tyres. The core of Toyo Tyres is manufacturing, development, and marketing of high performance tyres. They offer a wide range of tyres for cars, vans, trucks and Offroad vehicles.

Passenger cars

• Toyo Teo+ tyres - ideal for OE replacement tyre offers a smooth quiet ride, better braking on wet surfaces, and longer life of the tyre
350 tyres –designed for small and medium cars offers safety and economy
• NanoEnergy 3 tyres –for small and medium cars provides safety, durability, and fuel economy
• Proxes CF2 tyres –long life, better traction in wet conditions and fuel economy

Sports cars

Proxes T1 Sport tyres –stability even at highway speeds and better grip in both wet and dry conditions
• Proxes R1R tyres –resistant to aquaplaning, stability, and road grip
• Proxes T1-R tyres –provides wear resistace, better steering, braking, and traction, and quiet ride

SUV and 4X4s

• Proxes T1 Sport SUV tyres –speed stability and handling on wet or dry roads
• Proxes S/T tyres –for utility vehicles and trucks provides stability and handling on wet dry surfaces at highway speeds
• Open Country A/T plus tyres –gives excellent road handling and off road capabilities
Open Country H/T tyres –all season tyre desiged for highway safety, low noise for comfort ride, and long tread wear
• Open Country M/T tyres –for both on and off road, giving safety, stability, and durability
• 785 tyres –designed for working in countryside good grip in muddy conditions

Van Tyres

H08 tyres –provides good handling and stability in both wet and dry conditions
• H09 tyres –designed for snow, less noise, and comfort

Original Equipment

• Proxes T1 Sport (R01) tyres –designed specifically for Audi TT RS
• Proxes T1 A0 tyres –specifically for AUDI AG S6 and RS5 models giving improved wet dry handling, braking, and cornering
Proxes R30 tyres –designed for Toyota Prius
• Proxes R31 tyres –for the Mazda 2
• Proxes R3 tyres –for Lexus IS250 Lexus IS220D and Mazda 3

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