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For 70 years, Nexen has been manufacturing quality tyres; with over 250 dealers in 120 countries.
They have a full range of tyres including Ultra High Performance, SUV tyres, family car, and winter tyres, in 27 patterns and 200 sizes.
Quality construction, reliable handling, and impressive performance are what you will find in Nexen tyres.
Car tyres
CP641 - provides responsive handling and traction on dry roads, resistance to aquaplaning, enhanced cornering and handling stability
N6000 - enhanced handling and cornering stability, resistant to aquaplaning
Nfera SU1 –improved handling and braking, cornering and steering stability, maximum wet driving performance
CP661 –better wet driving with less aquaplaning, enhanced cornering and stability
N8000 - enhances high speed stability, cornering, and better water dispersion
Nfera SU4 - optimal driving performance for wet conditions, good grip for cornering and stability
CP661A - enhanced cornering and handling stability for maximum wet surface performance
N'BLUE ECO –provides lower rolling resistance that give lower fuel consumption and emissions, provides excellent grip on wet roads which reduces aquaplaning
SUVs 4X4s
CP521 –original tyre for Daewoo, Hyundai and Ssangyong SUV’s
Nfera RU1 - improved handling and steering when cornering in wet conditions, noise reduction from tyres on pavement
Roadian 541 –original tyre for Kia and Ssangyong SUV’s
Roadian 542 –for several Kia and Ssangyong SUV’s
Roadian AT –all-terrain, reduced aquaplaning, max load durability and cornering
Roadian HP –high performace for suv, improved handling, increased cornering stability
Roadian HT –highway SUV tyre with max load durability and cornering
• Roadian MT –good mud and snow traction, anti-skid on wet road surfaces
Van tyres
• CP321 –responsive handling, even wear, quiet ride, good traction
• CP641 –enhanced cornering and stability, resistant to aquaplaning, good dry road traction
• CP661 –good drainage on wet road, enhanced stability and cornering
• CP661A –provides cornering, stability, and reduced aquaplaning
• N6000 –stability at high speed and cornering, disperses water to reduce aquaplaning
• N'BLUE ECO –lower fuel consumption, low rolling resistance, and excellent grip performance on wet roads
• Nfera SU4 –provides optimal driving performance in wet conditions, enhanced stability and handling during high-speed driving
• Roadian HP –improved handling and increased cornering stability

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