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Mini Tyres for Your Mini

Whether you are driving the Mini convertible, the Mini 3-Door hatch, the Mini 5 door hatch, the Mini Clubman or the Mini Countryman model, or another Mini model choosing the right Mini tyre size is extremely important. Each Mini model is extremely fuel-efficient, however, fitting your Mini with the wrong size tyre or driving on severely worn tyres can greatly affect the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. As there are several Mini models they differ in their appearance, performance and tyre needs. For example, the Mini Cooper can be fitted with tyres ranging in size from 15 to 18 inches. Dunlop provides original equipment tyres Dunlop SP Sport 01 DSST tyres for the Mini Cooper S Works and Dunlop SP Sport 200*E tyres for the Mini Cooper S convertible. Goodyear is also another great choice brand of Mini tyres. When it’s time to buy Mini tyres, speak to the experts if you are unsure of the Mini tyres you are selecting. 

Tyres for Mini Care

When you buy cheap Mini tyres or higher Mini tyres prices, proper maintenance and care of your tyres are crucial for the tyres longevity and safety. Check the pressure in your tyres on a monthly basis and top up if necessary to meet the specifications on the vehicle label that is inside the driver’s door or your owner’s manual. Make frequent visual checks on your Mini tyres tread wear and if you notice your vehicle pulling to one side while you are driving it may be time for an alignment. 

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