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Car Summer Tyres

One of the most important considerations for safe and comfortable driving is summer tyres that have good performance values for passenger cars. The tyres must withstand high loads, should contribute to low fuel consumption and ensure a comfortable ride on every street.

A good quality summer tyre should be inexpensive and provide you with the necessary traction to warm dry surfaces, as the tyre warms from driving it will grip the surface of the road better, giving you better control and handling on corners.

When should you switch to summer tyres? The rule of thumb is at Easter put the summer tyres on.

Most manufactures have tyres for summer in almost every size, price, and performance classes.

Can summer tyres be inexpensive and yet have good quality too?

Car tyres, which are available on the European market must undergo pre-market approval of strict quality controls. Even the pre-production prototypes are put through rigorous testing before they get put into production. This process ensures the highest quality.

In addition, the tyre market is worldwide sharply contested today which for motorist this means that summer tyres can be both cheap and high quality. That is good news for everyone who wants to be safe and comfortable on the road in the summer while staying within your budget.

For a passenger car you can use any number of comparison portals to find summer tyres to buy, quickly, easily and safely.

What makes a good summer tyre

Whether Goodyear, Pyrelli, Michelin and Continental, all of them rely on the latest and most secure technologies in the production of tyres for passenger cars and must follow certain rules in order to pass quality control in order to put tyres on the market. Of particular importance to the quality and skills of summer tyres is the material from which they are made. This allows good performance at high temperatures. It is also a reason why summer tyres wear out more slowly at higher speeds than is the case with winter tyres.

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