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The Aeolus HN 207 - the economics masters on the trailer

An economical truck tyres for all axes not driven: When Aeolus HN 207 kilometers of price is even lower than in the rest of Aeolus tyres. And this is already an impressive accomplishment.

Great convenience in trailers and minor axes and enormous efficiency

When it comes to determine a truck tyre with a low cost per kilometer, is the Aeolus HN 207 definitely far forward. It is also suitable for all followers, it also for other non-driven axles of the truck, and can be used on short and medium-length routes. it is for the long-distance transport, however, only suitable, here it is better to resort to specialized long-range models. Its high resistance to torsion and its special smoothness make it next to the almost incredibly low cost per kilometer to a good choice for short and medium-length transport tasks. Both the wet performance and the fuel efficiency of Aeolus HN 207 are in the C class - impressive values ​​for a truck tyre. Recapping and retreading are also especially possible with many models of Aeolus, which further increases the efficiency. The particularly uniform abrasion of all models, makes already from home for a particularly high mileage of all Aeolus tyres.

Not only tyres but also sustainable concepts

Aeolus is the first Chinese manufacturer who is primarily aimed at sustainability and environmental protection, and in addition to the production of tyres and some interesting sustainable concepts with offers: The suitability of most models for retreading and reprofiling, the possibility retreaded in mixed mode and new tyres use and many models of tyres that can be used both to train and to minor axes and followers, are just some examples. In addition, high-quality tyres, outstanding service life and a really good pan-European breakdown service also play a role when it comes to the quality of Aeolus tyres.

The Aeolus HN 207 is a truck summer tyres for trailers and non-driving axles, which shows not only superior performance, but also convinces through the many aiming at sustainability concepts of the manufacturer.

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