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225/45 R18 Tyres

Cooper Zeon CS Sport, Nokian WR A3 and Accelera X Grip all of these three are tyre of size 225/45/18 with a good grip and firm steering. The first tyre is a summer Ultra high performance tyre with the average reviewing of 93% over a distance of 23,000 has a dry grip of 98% and a wet grip of 100%, are very much quiet, comfortable and provides a strong grip. It has progressiveness of 68% and comfort of 98%. The second type of tyre is a winter Ultra high performance tyre with the dry grip of 93% and a wet grip 0f 91% with dry braking, shortest stooping and good precision of steering. It has a comfort of 93% and progressiveness of 88%. The last type of tyre, Accelera X grip is a winter touring tyre with a dry grip of 90% and a wet grip of 80%. It has a good wear of 90% and are reasonable.

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