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Matador Tyres

Matador tyres has been in business for 90 years. They are a part of Continental Tyre Group and offer not only high quality, ecofriendly but a budget friendly tyre that you can trust. They have been continuously improving their tyres over the years.
They manufacture a wide range of tyres from passenger cars, vans, 4X4s, and vans. Their tyres will fit almost every auto.

Passenger car tyres


Summer tyres

MP16 Stella 2 tyres –for small to medium cars, offers enhanced stability, lower noise, reduced risk of aquaplaning, improved wet braking, good grip
• MP44 Elite 3 tyres –for medium to large cars, provides enhanced braking both in wet and dry conditions, stability, long tyre life, better fuel economy, lower noise levels for quieter ride, better grip
• MP46 Hectorra 2 tyres –for sports and luxury cars with improved stability, enhanced braking in both wet and dry conditions, better grip, lower noise levels for quieter ride, good fuel economy
• MP47 Hectorra 3 tyres –for passenger cars and SUV, shorter braking distances on dry surfaces, improved handling, reduced risk of aquaplaning, longer tyre wear, lower noise level for quieter ride

Winter tyres

MP54 Sibir Snow tyres –improved traction and braking in snowy conditions, enhanced wet braking, lower risk of aquaplaning, good grip in winter conditions, lower noise levels provide a quieter ride
• MP92 Sibir Snow tyres –enhanced grip, braking, stability in winter conditions, reduced risk of aquaplaning, quieter ride with reduced noise levels



Summer tyres

MP47 Hectorra 3 tyres –shorter braking distances on dry roads, reduced aquaplaning, longer tread wear, reduced noise level for quieter ride, good fuel economy
• MP71 Izzarda 4x4 tyres –all terrain, enhanced grip, better traction on wet surfaces, lower noise levels
• MP81 Conquerra tyres –enhanced grip, fuel economy, lower risk of aquaplaning, quieter ride from reduced noise levels
• MP82 Conquerra 2 tyres –reduced noise, good grip, long tyre life, good fuel economy
• MP85 Hectorra tyres –improved stability, traction, reduced aquaplaning, lower noise levels, good fuel economy

Van tyres

MPS330 Maxilla 2 tyres –long distance and regional transport miles, enhanced braking on both wet and dry road surfaces, good grip on wet surfaces, good fuel economy, low noise for quieter ride
• MPS530 Sibir Snow Van tyres –better grip in winter conditions, enhanced tractions, cornering, and braking on winter road surfaces, good fuel mileage, low noise gives a quieter ride

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