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Kleber Tyres

Established in 1910 under BF Goodrich in France, by 1930 the first production of aircraft tyres POTEZ 540 rolled off the line.
In 1938 the company adopts the name of Colombes‐Goodrich after a French investment.
In 1945, they move to Kleber Avenue in Paris and adopt the Kleber‐Colombes name.
In 1950 a Kleber employee, Maurice Herzog, triumphs over Annapurna (8,078 m), on the French Himalaya Expedition.
By 1960 the iconic tyre V10 tyre is produced, in 1969 Kleber tyres are put on the concord jet line.
In 1971, the boxer becomes the Kleber mascot.
By 1981, Michelin becomes the majority shareholder.
1999 to 2000 sees the launch of KLEBER Viaxer and Dynaxer tyres.
Kleber celebrates their 100th birthday in 2011.
2015, Kleber will be the official tyre of the Tour de France, after 10 years of being trusted partners. This an excellent opportunity for Kebler to show its quality, performance, and professionalism, in front of 12 million television viewers.
This company has been in business for over 100 years, has many ranges of products, and keeps improving quality, performance, and value for your money. You really can’t go wrong buying Kleber tyres.

Summer tyres for passenger cars, SUVS, and transport vans

Dynaxer HP3 tyres –improved water dispersal for lower risk of aquaplaning, improved grip and handling on wet surfaces, fuel economy, reduced noise level for quieter ride, long tyre life, fits many passenger cars
• Transpro tyres –for vans, enhanced grip in wet conditions, reduced noise levels for quieter ride, good fuel economy, good water dispersal reducing risk of aquaplaning, good tyre life
• Viaxer tyres –improved braking on both dry and wet surfaces, good fuel economy, lower noise for quieter ride, good tyre life, reduced vibration for more comfortable ride

All season tyres

Quadraxer tyres –limits risk of aquaplaning, improved braking and handling in rain, snow, slush conditions, good fuel economy, and reduced noise levels for quieter ride for passenger cars
• Citilander tyres –for suvs, improved traction in both summer and winter conditions, better braking distances, improved tyre life

Winter tyres

Transalp 2 tyres –for vans, improved grip in snow, better water dispersal for lower risk of aquaplaning, good fuel economy, reduced noise for quieter ride, good trye life span
• Krisalp HP2 tyres –for passenger cars, improved grip and braking in winter conditions, enhanced water dispersal for less risk of aquaplaning, good fuel economy, lower noise for quieter ride

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