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Vredestein Tyres

Emile Louis Constant Schiff was the founder of Vredestein in 1909 where he started manufacturing rubber. On 13 September 1934, most of the factory was lost in a fire. It was reconstructed and in the same year the Vredestein bicycle tyre factory was established.
In 2009, Vredestein was acquired by India's Apollo Tyres Ltd, and the company name was changed to Apollo Vredestein B.V.

Vredestein tyres for cars

Vredestein summer tyres

• Ultrac Vorti R tyres – Maintains grip at higher tyre temperatures, enhanced braking, reduced noise
• Ultrac Sessanta tyres –better grip on wet or dry surfaces, cornering
• Ultrac Cento tyres –reduced risk of aquaplaning, fuel economy, better grip on wet surfaces
• Sportrac 5 tyres –short braking distance, reduced noise, resistance to aquaplaning
T-Trac 2 tyres –better fuel economy, enhance grip on wet and dry roads, resistance to aquaplaning
• T-Trac tyres –enhance stability, higher load capacity, aquaplaning resistance

Vredestein winter tyres

• Wintrac xtreme S tyres –better traction and steering in all conditions, shorter braking distance on snow and ice
• Wintrac Nextreme SUV tyres –better stability, good grip
Wintrac xtreme tyres - Increased grip on wet surfaces excellent aquaplaning stability good performance on snow and ice
• Wintrac 4 xtreme tyres –resistance to aquaplaning, good grip on wet roads
• Snowtrac 5 tyres –better fuel economy, better grip on snow and wet roads, reduced noise levels
• Snowtrac 3 tyres –resistance to aquaplaning, better grip on wet and dry roads
• Snowtrac tyres –reduced braking distance, improved grips on snowy icy and wet roads

Vredestein all season tyres

Quatrac 5 tyres –fuel economy, shorter braking distances, noise reduction, better tread wear
• Quatrac 3 tyres –noise level reduced, aquaplaning resistant
• Quatrac 3 SUV tyres –enhanced grip, stability, and water dispersion
• Quatrac Lite tyres –fuel efficient, enhanced traction on snow, reduced aquaplaning and noise levels
• Quatrac 2 tyres – Ideal directional stability on both dry and wet road surfaces

Vredestein tyres for trucks and vans

Comtrac tyres –long life and resistance to aquaplaning
• Comtrac All Season tyres –enhanced stability, grip, reduced noise level
• Comtrac Winter tyres –shorter braking distance and improved acceleration in wintry conditions

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