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Barum BF 13 - a steering axle tyre for local transport

As tyre for the steering axle of the Barum BF 13 realizes its highest potential. According to the manufacturer it is also suitable for all other axis positions. He's a workhorse in distribution transport. A tyre for local and long-distance offering Barum example with the Model BD 23 at.

Barum BF 13 defeated pitfalls in the local traffic

The local traffic contains numerous pitfalls. In many cities, tyres encounter damaged and uneven road surfaces. In addition, frequent braking, starting and accelerating. Here the Barum BF 13 convinces with its driving behavior and a decent mileage that may be increased by a recutting of the tyres. The cutting depth is the manufacturer with 3.5 mm, the cutting width with 5.0; 13.0 mm to. The following dimensions of the Barum BF 13 are available: 11 R 20 150/146 K & TT 12 R 20 154/149 K TT. The 20-inch wide radial tyre (R) can be mounted as a single tyre or dual tyres. The tyre is manufactured in tube version (TT = TUBETYPE) and may in two sizes with a maximum speed (K) of 110 km/h could be achieved. The models differ in their sustainability. With a load index of 150 for the single tyre, the maximum load is 3350 kg. In the twin tyres, any tyre wear A total of 3,000 kg. This is the second model in the series corresponding to: 154 = 3750 kg (single tyres) & 149 = 3250 kg (twin).

Barum BF 13 is on safety

Besides good mileage and convincing handling of scores manufacturers at Barum BF 13 primarily with safety characteristics. The tested tyres comes up with a compact tread and massive shoulder line. It is insensitive to rutting, abrasion resistant and weather resistant.

The regional traffic is varied. The Barum BF 13 copes curves, potholes and different road surfaces.

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