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The Cooper Zeon XTC, a performance summer tyres

The US tyre manufacturer Cooper is an expert when it comes to the equipment of SUVs, trucks and vans with high-quality tyres. The range, however, also includes powerful car tyre. In summer, motorists can access for example to the Cooper Zeon XTC. For cars of the lower to upper middle class make the tyres are a safe and balanced choice.

Profile and tread are adapted to high speed

The Cooper Zeon XTC is one of the high performance tyres, is therefore a high performance tyre for powerful and high-performance vehicles. According to profile and treads must be matched not only on summer weather conditions, but also at high speed. The Cooper Zeon XTC relies on an asymmetrical profile, which increases the contact area with the road. This results in an even better control ability. The longitudinal ribs of the tyre also conduct water on the roadway from reliable. Another strength of the Cooper Zeon XTC are therefore good aquaplaning characteristics.

Easier carcasses for low rolling resistance

For the Cooper Zeon XTC new tread compounds come with a high content of silica are used. These improve the grip in dry and wet. Not only the rubber mixtures, the carcasses are compared to previous Cooper summer tyres have been revised. The Cooper Zeon XTC is lighter than many other summer tyre models; so it has a lower rolling resistance and thus reduced fuel consumption. Its different dimensions suitable for a variety of medium-sized vehicles. In the speed category H and V drivers are 210 or 240 km/h fast on the road.

The Cooper Zeon XTC presents itself as such sporting and safe summer tyres . Versatile, it can be used for a variety of vehicles and displays in sunshine as in rain good performance.

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