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Gislaved Euro Frost 3 - safely and comfortably through the winter

The renowned tyre manufacturer Gislaved is known for its quality winter tyres . With the Gislaved Euro Frost 3 he presents a high-quality model that was excellent: in full screen.

Good grip and low wear

The Gislaved Euro Frost 3 ensures that it is safe and comfortable even during the cold season on the road. No wonder this is Gislaved winter tyres but equipped with an elaborately designed tread pattern which ensures high reliability and a comprehensive driving stability. Even on snow and ice can therefore benefit from a good grip. Thanks to the high quality materials, over which the Gislaved Euro frost 3 has, moreover, a low wear is guaranteed. This in turn contributes to a longer life of this model with in. Moreover, the good safety reserves of the winter tyre are worth mentioning, so even adverse weather conditions do not have to be feared.

Gislaved - the recognized tyre expert from Scandinavia

The Scandinavian tyre Manufacturer Gislaved has been able to acquire an excellent reputation in the course of its history. No wonder the producer from Sweden for a long time still stands for a comprehensive driving comfort, top quality and high reliability. In the manufacturing process comes Gislaved benefits the great experience that was amassed in more than 100 years of company history. Customers around the world appreciate not only the high quality and the wide range of the company which includes among other tyres for cars and vans as well as trucks and various special vehicles.

With the Gislaved Euro Frost 3 of renowned Swedish tyre manufacturer has developed a usual high Pneu for the winter, which boasts a high quality and good safety reserves. Even in extremely cold temperatures and very slippery surfaces, this tyre shows a good grip and optimal handling. Thanks to the low wear also the Gislaved Euro Frost 3 is provided for a particularly long lifetime.


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