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Maxxis MA 702 - comfortable and safe throughout the summer

Maxxis MA 702 presents itself as a powerful and comfortable summer tyre that delivers a compelling performance both on dry ground and on wet asphalt.

Comfortable handling and low rolling resistance

By Maxxis MA 702 renowned and popular tyre manufacturer from China proves once again that he can make good tyres at an affordable price. Thanks to the sophisticated and specially designed tyre structure of this Maxxis summer tyre can benefit from increased stability and a comprehensive security. This is also linked to the special rigidity, through which the Maxxis MA distinguished 702nd Also, stay in comfort nothing to be desired: For this, the low rolling resistance and comfortable handling are responsible, which remain high even under adverse weather and road conditions. Thus, each drive with the Maxxis MA 702 is a special experience.

Maxxis - great choice for little money

The tyre manufacturer Maxxis is appreciated not only because of its cheap products from customers around the world. The Chinese company also scores with its extensive product range, which is suitable for all car models and commercial vehicles and hardly leaves to be desired. Moreover, the good quality is tyres from Maxxis noteworthy that can be ensured due to the comprehensive control during manufacturing phase. Thus, the strict US and European safety and quality requirements are met to a large extent.

By Maxxis MA 702 of the popular Chinese tyre manufacturer once again proves that he can produce the very affordable price white good quality tyres. Like other models made by Maxxis also distinguished this summer tyres by a good overall performance, which can be ensured among other things by the special tread pattern and the increased stiffness of the tyres. Even in bad weather it is with the Maxxis MA 702 so safe and comfortable way.

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