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How to choose agricultural tyres

Choosing the right agricultural tyres saves not only money but also a lot of time. The right tyre increase performance of agricultural equipment and produce the best result. Agricultural tractor tyres are the part that has contact with the ground and plays a great role. Tyres should be bought with consideration of tractor tyre size, soil conditions, tasks to be performed and some other factors.

Tractor tyre pattern

Tractor tyres have different patterns, which influence technical features. The most popular are farm tyre, turf tyre, construction tyre and front tyre patterns.

  • Farm tyres, also known as tractive tyres. They are usually fitted on farm machinery such as tractors, telehandlers or backhoe loaders. These tyres have a deeper tread and a wider contact area, which ensure better performance on the road in different conditions, including wet conditions. Tyres with such tread are the most popular choice for fitting in tractors because they can ideally cope with mud.
  • Turf tyres are also called grassland tyres because they are used on soft surfaces such as grass or sand, and minimize ground disturbance. They are very comfortable and long-lasting because they have little traction. If you are looking for tyres that will not leave imprints on the surface, turf tyres are the sight choice. It is important to know that turf tyres do not have much torque power and will slip in wet ground. These tyres are appropriate for dry conditions only.
  • Construction or industrial tractor tyres are manufactured from harder material than traditional agricultural tyres. These tyres give a tractor a bit of traction on a construction site and improve its performance. Equipment with construction tractor tyres will easily handle high weights.
  • Front tyres can be manufactured in different styles but ribbed tyres are more popular. They usually come in single, three, four or five rib styles. All patterns have their own advantages. Single-rib tyres provide deep penetration into the soil, and, thus, good steering control. Three-rib tyres ensure not only good steering control but also but also minimal side-slip. Five-rib tyres have industrial design to ensure excellent road handling and durability.

Tractor tyre cost

Agricultural tyres prices greatly depend on the manufacturer. Bridgestone or Michelin are considered to be expensive brands but good news is that many reputable companies own budget tractor tyres brands. It is worth considering buying cheap tractor tyres of well-known companies because their quality will be outstanding in comparison to expensive tyres of less reputable brands.

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Where to buy tractor tyres

Buy tractor tyres online, if you want to save time and money. Agricultural tyres prices online are much better than in traditional stores. Tractor tyre price is lower due to absence of additional charges. Online shops have many other benefits apart from excellent tractor rear tyre price. You are provided with convenient and quick delivery. You do not have to spend a lot of time looking for the right tyres as you can do it online.

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