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Powerful winter tyres for transporters: The Hankook Zovac HP W401

When winter breaks, drivers must expect freezing drizzle, ice and snow. Especially for transport companies, who can not just leave the car, this is a challenge. The Hankook Zovac HP W401 is a high performance winter tyre for vans , which makes the road a little safer in the cold season.

Strong driving on snowy roads

Winter tyres have on snow and ice as good traction offer as on dry roads. Hankook sets for his transporter winter tyres on a profile with zigzag grooves. They can dig deep into the snow and bring in this way also to major transporter safely ahead. For an even better grip of Hankook Zovac HP W401 can also be provided with spikes. The deep grooves and sipes of Hankook Zovac HP W401 but not only lead to a good performance on snow. They also provide an excellent service when winter shows its rainy side. Water is optimally dissipated, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

Strong traction in freezing temperatures

Voted specially on winter conditions the treads. Are Transporter tyres like the Hankook Zovac HP W401 must typically leave every day many kilometers behind. The Hankook Zovac HP W401 shows a little wear. The rubber mixtures are flexible enough to have a strong traction even in freezing temperatures. Thus, the Hankook Zovac HP W401 are driven relatively quickly even in the cold season: Approved the tyre's speed category P for a maximum speed of 150 km / h.

Grip and traction of Hankook Zovac HP W401 also prove themselves in freezing temperatures. The profile works reliably through the snow, making it ideal for the professional transport business.


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