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Driving pleasure on the road and in the field: The Pace Azura

Especially in the summer want to owners of SUVs their SUV extend not only on the road. Now lure jaunts into the terrain on which the car can show what it can do. For this he naturally needs the right tyre that provides even on difficult substrates excellent grip. The Pace Azura is an offroad summer tyres that can provide an equally convincing performance on the road and off the slopes.

Innovative, directional tread design

Striking is the directional tread design of the Pace Azura. The tyres feature a wide midblock without fins. This gives the off-road tyres , a particularly high driving stability when driving straight ahead. The cornering is convincing; make sure the sturdy shoulder blocks having with their numerous crossbars an excellent grip. X-shape the beads, which are arranged between the middle part and shoulder blocks. Through them the Pace wins Azura a firm grip on sand and gravel roads and is also on rocky terrain sections safely.

Sporty off-road tyres with rugged treads

Suitable terrain is not only the profile, the tread compounds can be proved on various grounds. The tyre manufacturer Pace employs a high proportion of silica components to keep the tread temperature stable. At high temperatures, the off-road tyres, therefore, not deformed, which prevents premature wear. Simultaneously, the treads are supple enough to safely move over rough terrain. On the road of Pace Azura has a top speed of 240 km / h according to the speed class V.

SUV drivers who want a versatile tyre, will find it with the Pace Azura. Whether street or area, profile and tread are adapted to these different requirements. Ride comfort and performance can therefore convince in all conditions.

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